New Aitchison Seeders



Aitchison now offers a range of tine drills with electronic seed metering and easy calibration.
The Seedmatic 4124CTE has 24 coulters on 125mm (five-inch) spacings and two 540 litre bins that can be used for seed and/or fertiliser. It also offers electric metering of seed and fert.
Two Airpro drills have also been introduced that are fitted with the electric drive system.   The 8124E having a 3m sowing width and the larger 6m Hydraulic folding.
The electronic metering system offers pre-set modes so that you can store settings for particular seed and fertilisers combinations to reuse at a later date.
The touch screen controls the rate and shut off of both boxes independently with a one button calibration for easy setup.  The rates can be changed on the go or bumped up or down by pre-set buttons.
It has the ability to store data on an unlimited number of jobs with details such as paddock name and sowing information. With its USB port you can transfer this data to a desktop computer. 


Two new Airpro pneumatic Seeders have been introduced this year.  The 8124E 3m and 8140E 6m direct drills. 
Both drills are fitted with a front mounted coulter bar fitted with 350mm disc coulters, and electric drive rate controllers.   The 6m also features a rear tyre packer roller for paddock consolidation.
The 8124E is a dual box configuration with the distribution heads neatly hidden within the hoppers.   The advantage of an air drill is deeper hopper with single metering system so small amounts of seed and working on slopes is not an issue.
The 6m 8140E hydraulically folds up to 3m for a narrow road transport width.  It runs two independent fans for varying fan volumes to match seed/fert rates and varying product densities.  A low filling height make it easy to fill using bulker bags, with twin 1500L fert and 1000L seed.  
Aitchison drills deliver uniform plant emergence with optimum yields at lower costs. They can be used as a direct drill to reduce the passes needed to establish new crops.  Alternatively all the drills are capable of seeding into fallowed soil. 
The Aitchison Seedmatic and Grass farmer range utilise a ground drive  and foam metering system.   The inbuilt rodent stop helps prevent damage to pads and seed by isolating the seed tubes from the box.
The Grass farmer is a seed only 3 point linkage tine seeder that is a great replacement for that ageing grass seeding drill that is in need of repair.  The germination results achieved with an Aitchison seeding system more than cover the cost of the new drill with increased yields and a better fodder.  

For further information contact Tom Wilkinson on 0484 999 044