Seedmatic 4000 Series

The Seedmatic® range of drill has been expanded with the addition of a disc sowing system on 125mm spacings. Available in both seed only and seed / fertiliser combination.  

A new optional controller has been introduced that includes a full electric drive. 

The vibrating 25mm Seedmatic® tines are designed to handle trash with ease and together with the Aitchison slimline boot holder and tungsten tipped Ni-hard inverted T-boot create the perfect seeding environment.

The Seedmatic® tine drills will penetrate existing pastures, hard and rocky, as well as cultivated soils. 
They can be used to renovate or bulk up existing pastures, sow crops such as wheat and clover, peas or canola, into cultivated soils or maize stubble. 

The Seedmatic® drill range is designed to deliver uniform plant emergence with optimum yields at lower costs. Our unique seeding system is extremely accurate, handling any seed with ease. 
Renowned for excellent germination results, Seedmatic® tine drills are often used as direct drills with reduced passes to establish new crops. The drills have a narrow 125mm or 5” row spacing with 14” disc coulters to assist with heavy trash and matted turf. Aitchison Seedmatic® tine drills are available with a sowing width of 2.5m, 3.0m and up to 3.5m. They also come as seed only or seed and fertiliser drills with or without trailing kits.

The Aitchison Seedmatic® range of tine drills provide superior technology on the farm.